You're a

Number juggler?^1000

Daniel Gyro Gearloose?^1000


Education revolutionists?^1000

ClubMate Patriarch?^1000

Team player?^1000

Cat-Content understander?^1000

Chalk despisers?^1000

Server tamer?^1000

DNA twister?^1000

Binary code scanner?^1000

Higgs-Boson nerd?^1000

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SupraTix is a determined, loose and innovative company. Our goal and vision is not only to make the Internet usable for learning and teaching, but also to develop it into a standard tool for teaching. We support schools, companies and public institutions on their way to digital (further) education. For this we, the SupraTix team, invent, trick and adapt new technologies to the needs of learners and teachers. The focus is on a better learning experience and result for everyone, from the student to the employee.

With the help of various technologies developed and patented by us, we will sustainably improve digital education worldwide. We have been a partner for innovative educational projects since 2012. Our initial web-based chemistry building set has now developed into a comprehensive intelligent learning platform or smart learning environment. The developments go on and on and in order to be able to start even faster and to realize our vision, we need you!

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Why you should start with us...Every company started small once. This has many advantages.

Wow dynamics

For you there is always the possibility to take over projects in different departments, so that your work always remains varied. A positive side-effect is the steep learning curve, because with the many There are also many spiritual tasks to take with you. We lack bureaucracy, which ensures more creativity

Team of heroes

We are a small team and our hierarchy is flat. We don't have peer pressure. We prefer freedom of expression and discuss about it. The phrase: "We've always done it this way", does not apply to us. So always bring in your opinion and ideas!

Agile processes

Our typical start-up mentality has clear advantages over established companies. Decisions are made in a round at a table. Through digitization, creative solutions and our speed, we experiment a lot.

Innovativ technology

We always use the latest technologies and systems. You want to test something or you know a new technology? Because the spirit of research and passion strengthen your productivity and our solutions at SupraTix. Let's create a space full of innovations, creativity and ideas together.

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