13. June 2018

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SupraTix disrupts manufacturing businesses

13. June 2018
Hannover, Germany

SupraTix GmbH, a startup founded in Dresden in 2016, is developing a cloud computing service where cloud robots and manufacturing processes are managed by a customer remotely.

PaaS aims to match the small to mid-sized manufacturers that have underutilized equipment, with the customers who need small production volumes for their prototyping or business purposes. Research is on developing this framework with various back-end functionalities such as optimization algorithms and data handling procedures. The framework is expected to get the production request from the customer, collect quotes from the suppliers about the desired manufacturing processes, and propose optimal and near optimal solutions to the customer according to given constraints for the production such as cost, time and quality.

The benefits of SupraTix Production-as-a-Service Framework are scalability, minimised hardware maintenance, low cost, flexibility and on-demand access.

SupraTix GmbH
SupraTix offers the innovative cloud solutions in the field of smart environments: a proprietary product for predicted training, world ́s first cloud robots, a cloud- controlled and optimized production processes as well as artificial intelligence in competency-based employee development.

CEBIT 2018: 12-13 June 2018, Stand D05, Halle 17
For more Information visit https://supratix.com
For more Information about the PAAS Cebit Highlight: https://supratix.com/DWMFD

SupraTix contact persons:
Tobias Goecke
E-Mail: tobias.goecke@supratix.com
Twitter: @tgoecke

Jeannette Milius
Head of Smart Learning Environments
E-Mail: jeannette.milius@supratix.com

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Contact person for your press enquiry

Tobias Göcke

E-mail: presse@supratix.com
Phone: +49 (0) 351 33948400


SupraTix GmbH
Bautzner Str. 45-47,
01099 Dresden

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