AI-Based Efficiency Enhancement with Customized Solutions in Human Resource Management

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Mastering Challenges in Human Resource Management

Many companies face challenges in human resource management, especially regarding the efficiency and automation of processes. Our solutions are designed to address these challenges by offering customized digitalization strategies.

Our clients were looking for ways to improve recruitment and onboarding processes. We specialize in innovative HR solutions, particularly in AI-based skill management and strategic personnel development.

Many companies face challenges in the fast-paced work environment when it comes to continuously developing the skills of their employees while also making the onboarding process for new employees efficient and effective. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized, adaptive learning and development system that automatically adjusts to the individual needs and potential for development of each employee. This allows human resource development processes to be made more efficient while ensuring sustainability and individual support.

Customized Digitalization Strategies for HR Processes

SupraTix offers special solutions for recruitment and onboarding, such as the Upskill Manager, User Journey, or adjustable certificate validities, which can automate the entire process from job posting to the integration of new employees, as well as recurring mandatory training. These solutions not only help identify and hire the best talent faster but also significantly reduce administrative burdens.

In the initial detailed discussion, we analyze the specific needs and challenges of our customer, using various methods such as workshops or simulation games, depending on the challenge, to understand them and then present customized solutions.

Initially, a detailed analysis of current HR processes and the existing competencies of the employees is conducted. Based on this information, we configure our platform to be precisely tailored to the customer's needs. From there, the AI begins to create and adjust learning paths, while simultaneously analyzing employee performance and engagement in real time to continuously optimize personnel development.

Automation in the Recruitment Process: Hiring Faster and Smarter

Our software automates the posting of jobs on multiple platforms, filters applications based on predefined criteria, and enables efficient communication with candidates.

Digitalized Onboarding: A Seamless Start for New Employees

During onboarding, processes such as document capture, training scheduling, and the provision of training materials can be digitized. This makes the process not only faster but also more engaging for new employees. We offer special modules for onboarding that ensure new employees receive the mandatory training required for their role from the start and quickly find their way in your company.

Our AI-based platform analyzes existing employee skills and identifies targeted development opportunities. As a result, individually tailored learning paths can be suggested that consider both personal competencies and career goals, as well as the strategic objectives of the company.

Of course, our solutions are designed to interact seamlessly with existing HR systems and software applications. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the implementation of our solutions is as smooth and disruption-free as possible.

Track Record of AI in the HR Sector

The introduction of the AI-based HR platform leads to a significant increase in efficiency for our clients in recruitment and onboarding, as well as personalized employee development. Automating routine tasks allows the HR team to focus on strategic tasks. Additionally, the adaptive learning system improves employee satisfaction and retention.

Step by Step into the Future: Flexible and Scalable HR Innovations

Naturally, our clients can start small depending on the challenge, budget, and urgency, initially digitalizing individual processes and then automating them in the next step. Our solution is modular and can be easily and uncomplicatedly expanded and adapted.

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