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AI-Based Efficiency Enhancement with Customized Solutions in Human Resource Management
Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2024 – 2 Minuten Lesezeit

Mastering Challenges in Human Resource ManagementMany companies face challenges in human resource management, especially regarding the efficiency and automation of processes. Our solutions are designed to address these challenges by offering customized digitalization strategies.Our clients were looking for ways to improve recruitment and onboarding processes. We specialize in innovative HR solutions, particularly in AI-based skill management and strategic personnel development.Many companies face challenges in the fast-paced work environment when it comes to continuously developing the skills of their employees while also making the onboarding process for new employees efficient and effective. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized, adaptive learning and development system that automatically adjusts to the individual needs and potential for development of each employee. This allows human resource development processes to be made more efficient while ensuring sustainability and individual support.Customized Digitalization Strategies for HR ProcessesSupraTix offers special solutions for recruitment and onboarding, such as the Upskill Manager, User Journey, or adjustable certificate validities, which can automate the entire process from job posting to the integration of new employees, as well as recurring mandatory training. These solutions not only help identify and hire the best talent faster but also significantly reduce administrative burdens.In the initial detailed discussion, we analyze the specific needs and challenges of our customer, using various methods such as workshops or simulation games, depending on the challenge, to understand them and then present customized solutions.Initially, a detailed analysis of current HR processes and the existing competencies of the employees is conducted. Based on this information, we configure our platform to be precisely tailored to the customer's needs. From there, the AI begins to create and adjust learning paths, while simultaneously analyzing employee performance and engagement in real time to continuously optimize personnel development.Automation in the Recruitment Process: Hiring Faster and SmarterOur software …

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CRM Tool Integration for Event Management
Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2024 – 1 Minuten Lesezeit

Manual Planning and Growth ChallengesThe client offers regular online and offline events for schools.The entire planning and preparation of schedules and events is done manually using various tools and lists. As the number of events increased, this became increasingly time-consuming and cumbersome. Therefore, to facilitate the work, a CRM tool with scheduling functionality was introduced.Process Analysis and Optimization for Efficiency ImprovementIn two half-day workshops on process consulting, the process was analyzed together with our experts, relevant processes were identified, and workflows optimized. The documented process was then digitized and automated.Automated Event Planning and ManagementOnce the event dates are scheduled, invitations are automatically sent, and responses are collected through an included registration form, with automatic reminders sent after a set period. The necessary next steps such as material shipment (automatic generation of address fields for invoices and labels, and forwarding to service providers) or invitation to an online meeting and technical test (via a permanently available stream) were fully automated.After the completion of the event, electronic evaluation forms are automatically sent to the schools via the platform, as well as invoices for the services rendered.All actions and data can be viewed per school in the solution, or collected as Excel lists for evaluation export.Measurable Successes: Time Savings and Expanded CapacitiesThrough the digitalization and automation of processes, 90% less time is spent on planning and managing the event. The responsible employee was able to take on additional tasks. All relevant data is available in one place.

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Digital Pioneers: How German Companies Are Paving the Way to the Future Through Innovative Skill Development
Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2024 – 1 Minuten Lesezeit

German companies must digitalize their business models to remain competitive. This requires a realignment of thinking and an expansion of existing competencies. Employees should actively develop new digital business models from their everyday tasks.In a special project, a competency model was developed that enables employees to co-create digital business models. Internal platforms for idea development and supporting structures for the implementation of these models were created. A toolkit was developed to support the digital transformation.The project began with the definition and development of digital business models. Employee competencies were captured and improved, culminating in a digital training tool, the iAccelerator. An additional tool, the iCourious, was developed to teach basic digital skills.In the end, two tools were established: the iCourious for imparting basic digital skills and the iAccelerator for advanced project work to develop new digital business models.Modules: iCourious, iAccelerator, Chat, Admin

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The SupraTix Marketplace: Why It Pays to Become a Vendor
Veröffentlicht: April 16, 2024 – 1 Minuten Lesezeit

In the ever-evolving digital education landscape, the SupraTix Marketplace plays an increasing role. It provides a platform that connects providers of educational content and technologies directly with educational institutions, businesses, and learners. Join this innovative network and take advantage of being a provider on the SupraTix Marketplace.Immediate Reach and VisibilityAs a provider on the SupraTix Marketplace, you benefit from immediate presence. Your products and services are showcased where educational institutions and businesses are looking for new solutions. This increases the visibility of your offerings and can lead to faster market acceptance.Through a new technical interface, your offerings can also be listed on KURSNET of the Employment Agency with just a few clicks.Access to a Broad NetworkSupraTix not only connects you with potential customers but also with a broad network of partners, developers, and educational experts. This network enables the exchange of best practices, provides access to the latest research findings, and opens doors to innovative collaboration opportunities.Simple Integration and SupportThe SupraTix Marketplace is designed to make the integration of your products and services as simple as possible. With technical support and guides, SupraTix ensures that your offerings are optimally presented and function smoothly. This facilitates the entry and scaling of your offerings on the platform.Additionally, as a course provider or academy operator, use our course configurator to quickly and easily display your content in an engaging layout using drag-and-drop. A selection menu offers you pre-configured layouts, similar to those of various streaming services. The elements of the layout can be individually assembled and adapted to your own design, and enhanced with functional widgets.Feedback and Continuous ImprovementThrough direct feedback from users and the analysis of usage data, you can continuously improve your products and services. The SupraTix Marketplace offers the unique opportunity to immediately learn how your offering is received and …

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