The SupraTix Marketplace: Why It Pays to Become a Vendor

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In the ever-evolving digital education landscape, the SupraTix Marketplace plays an increasing role. It provides a platform that connects providers of educational content and technologies directly with educational institutions, businesses, and learners. Join this innovative network and take advantage of being a provider on the SupraTix Marketplace.

Immediate Reach and Visibility

As a provider on the SupraTix Marketplace, you benefit from immediate presence. Your products and services are showcased where educational institutions and businesses are looking for new solutions. This increases the visibility of your offerings and can lead to faster market acceptance.

Through a new technical interface, your offerings can also be listed on KURSNET of the Employment Agency with just a few clicks.

Access to a Broad Network

SupraTix not only connects you with potential customers but also with a broad network of partners, developers, and educational experts. This network enables the exchange of best practices, provides access to the latest research findings, and opens doors to innovative collaboration opportunities.

Simple Integration and Support

The SupraTix Marketplace is designed to make the integration of your products and services as simple as possible. With technical support and guides, SupraTix ensures that your offerings are optimally presented and function smoothly. This facilitates the entry and scaling of your offerings on the platform.

Additionally, as a course provider or academy operator, use our course configurator to quickly and easily display your content in an engaging layout using drag-and-drop. A selection menu offers you pre-configured layouts, similar to those of various streaming services. The elements of the layout can be individually assembled and adapted to your own design, and enhanced with functional widgets.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Through direct feedback from users and the analysis of usage data, you can continuously improve your products and services. The SupraTix Marketplace offers the unique opportunity to immediately learn how your offering is received and where there is a need for optimization. This direct connection to end-users is an invaluable advantage for product development.


Deciding to become a provider on the SupraTix Marketplace opens up a world of opportunities. From increased visibility to access to a valuable network and support from the SupraTix team—the benefits are numerous. If you want to play a role in the future of education, the SupraTix Marketplace is the ideal place to start. Join today and take your educational solutions to the next level!

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