Efficient digitalization of online learning events and evaluation processes at the Sächsische Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts-Akademie e.V.

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The Sächsische Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts-Akademie e.V. (S-VWA), an independent educational institution, offers various part-time degree courses and a wide range of further education opportunities. As a prerequisite for various subsidies that students can claim, processes and management are subject to an annual quality audit (ISO 9001; AZAV, FIBAA certification for the diploma courses). To this end, the evaluation of teaching must be verified.

Some of the courses offered by the S-VWA take the form of online learning events. Until now, various members of staff have been responsible for managing meeting rooms and sending invitation links to lecturers and students. In addition, an evaluation form had to be sent out and evaluated after each event.
This error-prone process ran in various tools and required a considerable amount of time and coordination.

S-VWA was looking for a solution that would allow an employee with limited IT skills to manage the entire process in one tool.

 SupraTix digitized the entire process using existing modules and optimized and automated the execution.

An employee plans all courses in an external software system for course planning and exports the Excel file with all relevant information about the course and the dates. This file is imported into the platform via a shortcut, whereupon the following processes are started:

  1. The online classrooms for the course are scheduled and set up.
  2. An online evaluation questionnaire is created for each event according to a template and only activated at certain times, before and after the respective event.
  3. Lecturers and those responsible automatically receive invitation links by e-mail (different ones for lecturers and participants) as well as the link to the evaluation. It is ensured that only people with this link have access to the event.
  4. In addition, recordings of online events can be made available to learners for a certain period of time via this link.
  5. The evaluation results can be viewed for each event or analyzed using an Excel export.

The solution complies with data protection guidelines (GDPR), is GDPR-compliant and is hosted in Germany. As a result, the administrative effort has been significantly reduced.

Modules: Conference, Surveys, Shortcuts, Creator (library for recordings) StoreConnect

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