Efficient training management with PassProof: GHH Fahrzeuge relies on automated attendance recording and course activation

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GHH Fahrzeuge, a company within the GHH Group, operates training centers in India and elsewhere. These centers are used to pass on expertise in the profitable use of its special vehicles in mining and tunnel construction to customers, mine operators and its own staff.

Recording employee participation in training courses, whether online or at face-to-face events, is of crucial importance. The company has been successfully using the automated SupraTix platform for the online part of its training courses for some time now.
SupraTix has developed a new module called “PassProof” to record attendance at face-to-face events in a legally compliant manner and integrate it into the automated activation process for consecutive training courses.

PassProof records and logs attendance times and works seamlessly with the courses created in the system as well as the groups and roles in the administration module. Attendance is automatically saved when users are active on the platform. In offline events, the instructor can enter attendance manually or record it automatically by scanning a QR code.

By integrating conditions that determine when a course is considered passed, PassProof enables an automated activation process for further modules. The module also offers extensive filter and search functions to clearly list different groups, trainers, courses and participants.

Participants enter their attendance, which is initially saved as a draft. Trainers remain in control and can select passed participants with a simple click to continue the automated approval process for further modules.

PassProof greatly simplifies the recording and recording of attendance times and promotes collaboration between teachers and learners. The time and cost savings compared to manual data collection and filtering can be invested in improving teaching.

Modules: PassProof, UserJourney in Admin, Training Catalog, SLP Dashboard, Teaching


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