Shaping Digital Transformation: The Pioneering Project 'Digital-Lotsen-Sachsen' ('Digital Guides Saxony') Enhances Digital Competencies in Saxon Municipalities

Veröffentlicht von Eva Hernschier, SupraTix GmbH (1 Monat, 3 Wochen her aktualisiert)

The “Digital-Lotsen-Sachsen” project aims to strengthen and expand digital expertise in Saxony's cities and municipalities. This enables local administrations to actively and independently shape the digital transformation. The core of the program is the training of employees in face-to-face, hybrid and online courses to equip them for the challenges of digital transformation and provide relevant information.

In view of the current challenges in the digitalization of districts and municipalities in Germany, where there is a lack of comprehensive knowledge and the ability to adapt existing processes to digital requirements, the platform offers training and suitable tools for knowledge transfer. The target group is administrative staff in Saxony's municipalities and districts.

Each district and municipality is to receive its own platform instance, in which specific courses and workshops on digitalization will be made available. The long-term goal is to establish an online platform that will not only remain in place during the project but also beyond, covering a wide range of municipal administration topics. The possibility of expanding the user group to include other authorities and municipal service providers is planned.

The technical implementation includes the provision of a scalable, secure and user-friendly platform. Following a thorough needs analysis, high-quality, practical online courses and workshops were developed. The introduction of the platform began with a pilot phase in selected municipalities, followed by a gradual rollout. Training courses and workshops were organized to make it easier for employees to use the platform, and an effective support system was established to quickly resolve technical and content-related issues.

Modules: Admin (with UserJourney, group management), Creator, training catalog, contacts, StoreConnect, chat, forum, learning world of Digital-Lotsen-Sachsen, widgets

Eva Hernschier veröffentlicht für SupraTix GmbH

Die SupraTix GmbH stellt digitale Ökosysteme bereit, die es ermöglichen Produktionsabläufe zu digitalisieren und an die Anforderungen der heutigen Arbeitswelt anzupassen. Unternehmen können dadurch neue Geschäftsfelder erschließen und Unternehmensstrukturen kosteneffizienter …

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