Digitalization and automation of onboarding and mandatory training: The Hollu Academy User Journey

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hollu Systemhygiene GmbH, a leading Austrian manufacturer of cleaning products, invests heavily in the training and development of its employees.

Some of the training is mandatory for employees or must be regularly refreshed. Depending on their specific role, employees require different online and offline training. This training must be documented in a legally compliant manner in order to meet the high standards of hygiene and cleaning.

Hollu wanted a digital solution that would allow training courses to be created, managed and tracked efficiently. The aim was to develop a user-friendly and flexible platform that would meet both the company's requirements and the individual needs of its employees.

The “holluakademie” was developed and continuously optimized in collaboration with SupraTix. The focus was on the creation and automation of planned actions - and the integration of the role and group concept from Office 365 to enable customized learning paths for individual employees and groups.

Various online courses with integrated assessment methods were developed and training courses were digitized. Certificate templates were created for successful participation. Employees are automatically assigned to the relevant groups according to the developed group and role concept, which is synchronized from the existing IT system (Office365) via API interfaces, and automatically receive access to the training courses relevant to them via appropriately planned and stored group- or role-specific actions (user journeys). These are clearly provided via a personal training catalog, including deadlines. The courses and recommendations are activated according to the set time intervals, conditions, e.g. previous courses passed, and deadlines are automatically adjusted. An integrated reminder and escalation management system supports the timely completion of training courses. Certificates for mandatory training courses are time-limited, which can be used to control automatic regular refresher training.

All learning data and certificates are stored in a central user file and can only be viewed by people with the appropriate rights.

Reduction of administrative effort through automation

The entire onboarding process for new hires and employee training is automated and documented via the holluakademie.

All users are automatically transferred to the platform and assigned their role and group via the interface to the existing Office 365 personnel administration tool. Based on their group and role assignment, they receive their training path, consisting of several training courses and escalation management. These actions are all carried out automatically by the platform.
Each employee is guided to the required level without having to manually assign courses and keep track of learning levels

The administrative workload has been reduced by 80%. The responsible employees have more capacity for individual support and other tasks.

Modules: Admin (with UserJourney, group management), Creator, training catalog, contacts, StoreConnect, teaching, API gateway, SLP dashboard

Eva Hernschier veröffentlicht für SupraTix GmbH

Die SupraTix GmbH stellt digitale Ökosysteme bereit, die es ermöglichen Produktionsabläufe zu digitalisieren und an die Anforderungen der heutigen Arbeitswelt anzupassen. Unternehmen können dadurch neue Geschäftsfelder erschließen und Unternehmensstrukturen kosteneffizienter …

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